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Putting one's Trust in Allah

Summary of Address to Lajna

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

December 27th, 2005

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis

Huzuraba addressed the ladies Jalsa Gah Qadian on the subject of putting one’s trust in Allah. Citing verse 14 of Surah Al Taghabun (64:14) Huzuraba drew attention to the single most important and significant aspect to adopt; belief in One God and trust in Him for every matter.

Huzuraba urged to continually self-reflect and analyse to determine up to what extent we sincerely put all our trust in Allah. He enjoined to seek Allah’s refuge before the worldly ills effect us, to ensure that all manner of idols are removed from our psyche.
Huzuraba cautioned against the erroneous practice to patronize so called ‘holy men’ (peers) and such like, likening it to shirk, he said that women are more inclined to turn to these absurd practices. Huzuraba gave the example of the staunch belief in the Unity of God and total trust in Him by the mother of Sir. Zafrullah Khan and said that trials and tribulations indeed test our faith and that our endeavour should be to endure them feeling awe of God and to make them a means to turn us further to Allah.

Huzuraba said in the sub-continent the practice of visiting tombs of saints to make entreaties to seek one’s hopes and wishes was common among women and was indeed most disgraceful. Although our Community is free from this ill, Huzuraba said some new-comers might bring these fallacies with them. Therefore Huzuraba instructed the Tarbiyyat department of Lajna to be most efficient in working towards this issue and said that there should not be the slightest hint of shirk in the most trivial of matters.

Huzuraba said the new-comers indeed bring many good attributes with them as well and that the traditionalist Ahmadis should also reform themselves along with training the new ones.

Huzuraba cautioned against the shirk of one’s own self (nafs) and singled out falsehood as the key constituent that leads to it. Huzuraba specifically mentioned people being untruthful in matrimonial matters and thus causing great distress to the girl’s family. The Promised Messiahas said “Falsehood is like an idol and one who relies on it turns away from relying in Allah.”

Huzuraba also remarked on the inherent desire in women to acquire possessions and said that if they turned to good then for one it would inculcate a sense of contentment in them as well as in accordance to Divine promise Allah will Himself provide for them.
Huzuraba elucidated the description of the most excellent woman as one who submits to God, one who believes, one who is obedient, one who repents and resolves to avoid former slackness, one who worships God, seeks His pardon, and who fasts.

Huzuraba said if Ahmadi women adopted these qualities then we would continue to have the surety for our next generations.
Huzuraba said it is not just the children who are enjoined to serve their mothers and earn Paradise; rather mothers are also enjoined to abide by the commandments of God and to morally train their children.

Huzuraba cautioned mothers to supervise the television viewing of their children as well as their usage of the internet. He said children are our trust for the future and mothers are duty-bound to bring them up in accordance to Allah’s commandments.

Huzuraba concluded on prayers for the ladies at the Jalsa Gah that may they honour the pledge of Bai’at and be the recipients of Allah’s beneficence.