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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever-Merciful

22nd Annual Convention Norway

September 18th - September 19th 2004

The 22nd Norway Jalsa Salana 2004 was held on 18th and 19th September 2004 at Rommen School in Oslo. Almost 800 people attended this blessed event. Maulana Munir ud-Din Shams Sahib, Additional Wakeel ut-Tasneef, represented Markaz. Mir Abdul Basit sahib, Naib Nazir Islah o Irshad was invited as a special guest.

Besides faith inspiring addresses in Urdu and Norwegian, representatives of several of the major political parties in Norway attended the Jalsa. News of this year was a historical video memorial of the past Norway Jalsas' shown to the participants during final session. Throughout the Jalsa days an exhibition on ‘jihad’, gave especially the non-Ahmadi guests a new understanding of this term.

The Norway Jamaat was founded in 1957 when Syed Kamal Yusuf Sahib was Missionary for Scandinavia. Amongst those who took part in the founding with Imam Sahib was the young Norwegian Ahmadi Muslim Noor Ahmad Truls Bølstad Sahib.

During the first 15 years the Jamaat barely consisted of Norwegians who converted to Islam. When the Jamaat grew larger Khalifat-ul-Masih III (ra) opened the Noor Mosque (Oslo) in 1980. The former villa became the first mosque in Norway. Two years later the first Majlis Shura outside the Indian subcontinent, was held in the Noor Mosque. In 1985 Jamaat launched the first Muslim radio station in Norway, reaching several hundred thousand people. And in 1991 the Jamaat also launched a local TV station named ‘TV Islam Ahmadiyya’.

Today (2004) the Jamaat counts 1200 members, most of whom are living in the capital Oslo. The National Ameer is Zartasht Munir Ahmad Khan Sahib, and the Missionary Chaudhry Shahid Mahmood Kahloon Sahib.



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